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Small Style Guide Update
Posted on 07/7/2012 by Maddie in style

Hello Arianators! I’m sorry it took a while for another update but I went camping with my family from the 4th of July until today. Anyways, just to thank you all for the support, I’ve created and posted up four new style guides which I absolutely loved making. One of them was a request sent in to me, I’ll try my best to update the sidebar with all the requests as soon as possible. I’d just like to notify the visitors that I will have limited access to the internet from Monday, July 9 through Wednesday, July 11 because of my college orientation, but after that my schedule should go back to normal. Anyways, enjoy the guides and make sure to follow DLA on Twitter for all the latest updates!

Style Guides [+4]

“Put Your Hearts Up” Mega Post
Posted on 07/4/2012 by Maddie in hair, makeup, style

Hello everyone! I’m here today with a “Put Your Hearts Up” mega post! That means that I’ve created a style, hair, and makeup guide to complete and imitate the look that Ariana has in her music video for PYHU. This is personally one of my favorite looks of Ariana’s, not to mention one of my favorite songs ever. I’ve also posted a video below from Tess Christine on Youtube that helped me create guides for this look so make sure to check her out. I’ve also posted the Put Your Hearts Up music video below just for your enjoyment! Check them out and please follow DLA on Twitter!

Grand Opening of Dress Like Ariana!
Posted on 07/3/2012 by Maddie in hair, makeup, style

Hello everyone, and welcome to Dress Like Ariana, your first and only style source for starlet, Ariana Grande! My name is Justine and I am the creator of DLA, I’ve been working very hard to get this site open for all you Ariana fans and I really hope you enjoy browsing the site as much as I enjoyed making it. I’d just like to thank Rossi for creating this wonderful theme, and Lindsay & Lee from Starszz for helping me set up the site. I’ve made a few style, makeup, and hair guides to start us off, if you’d like to donate/request a guide please feel free to do so, and enjoy the site!

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